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      Common Problems and Treatment Methods of


      1, the problem of scratches. When there is a small scratches, first look at the location of the image situation, with a magnifying glass observation, if there is no damage to the plate version of the media (that is, do not see the original plate metal layer), you can not scrapped. If the scratches on the ground, you can use the repair paste fire ball pen can be a little draw, because the printing pressure is relatively large, the amount of ink printed on the field a lot, can be overflowed from the next, so you can reduce the scrapped.
      2, the problem of blue spots. When the blue dot appears, when it is not sure whether the point on the image, with a magnifying glass observation, the point is not real, and there will be attached to the feeling that the point is blue. If there is no network near the blue dot, you can repair it. There may be the following blue spots:
      1 plate itself, such as the coating cloth is not uniform, some places have something like trachoma.
      2 plate machine fell into the debris, covered the plate so that it can not be normal development.
      3 plate machine problems, such as the emergence of the roller with the developer is not compatible with the developer, there is a reaction, there may be sticky material attached to the plate on the plate can not be normal development.
      4 plate when there are small pieces of material left in the drum, the exposure fell to the version led to normal exposure.
      3, the end of ash problem, the end of the floor is due to the plate after the residue is still exposed or not washed out of a layer of film.
      Check the bottom of the ash method, first in the cutting line outside the drop of a drop of repair liquid, try to let it flow down some, if immediately found the liquid around the blue line, then the class version of the bottom ash, Gently remove it after the magnifying glass can also be used to observe the edge of the liquid blue line, if there is a gray line, because the repair solution and version of the reason for the reaction. If the publication test is not the end of ash, but the machine is printed on the end of the situation, you should consider the plate of the problem, the plate is very thick or film coating process problems will have this situation, then should immediately open A box of plate material, while the appropriate development time to improve.
      4, on some plates have one or both sides of the white side of the problem of oxidation. In the Huaguang version, there are many versions with oxidation side, from the back of the version can be seen. In this version of the time to be particularly careful, because this is a lot of media is not normal, that part of the white side will appear red is not clean, with the end of ash. So when out of this plate, as far as possible the direction of the white side in the absence of images, as far as possible so that the white side in the cutting line outside, so as long as the image area to ensure that there is no bottom ash. In the detection of this version of the end of the ash, the four corners of the version should be checked to observe the situation at the end of ash.
      5, the version of the white spots on the issue, one can be wiped off, one is not rub off. Can be wiped off the white point is generally because the crystal in the development of the crystal attached to the plate caused by, in order to try to avoid this white point, the plate machine in more than 10 minutes after the blank version of the plate, First with Zhang Fei version of the first red, the precipitation in the brush roller and other places of the crystal open, especially in the morning when the first set of red.
      Can not erase the white point is generally due to the plate film itself due to the film, and some in the absence of exposure can also look out, this plate can be returned to the manufacturers.
      6, rushed out of the version of the edge of the blue edge of the problem. There are three situations in which such problems arise:
      1 version of the staff release small version is not in place, leading to the mouth and left and right blue side, such as the blue edge of the distance is less than 1MM, are allowed to the scope of the error, if the wrong too much will affect the printing registration.
      2 large format when the blue side, such as 745 * 605, the main reason for this problem is the plate machine paw in the positioning of the location because the release is too crooked or rough edges caused by positioning is not allowed, So in the enlarged version of the position should be put away.
      3 plate size is too large, and some batches of plates will be small or too large 1-2MM, when the big will appear when the blue side, if each version is the same blue edge and the size of the same location , This does not affect the registration, can be published normally.

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