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      • 4008 323201

      CTP machine version of the general situation cleaning method


      1. Clean the cleaning agent with water 20-40 times, to soak the punching machine development tank, fixing slot, roller, brush, pipe.
      2. Heat up to 30 ℃ machine running for 30 minutes or so, will be able to quickly dissolve the dirt.
      3. Then the cleaning fluid discharge, the water thoroughly washed the remaining cleaning solution, you can quickly remove the tank of various deposits of dirt.
      4. Put the discharged cleaning solution into the other tank, soak the top two cans for one hour.
      Second, such as roller and other serious crystallization
      1. Remove the top two rubber roller, with a plate machine cleaning agent stock solution, rub with a few times with linen, and then rinse with water; the cleaning solution into the development tank;
      2. Others such as the development of the brush inside the brush, roller crystal serious, but also with the plate machine cleaning agent liquid coated,
      Wait for 2 minutes plus water.
      3. Follow the general cleaning method to perform the operation.
      You can achieve the extension of the various types of spare parts machine life.

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