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      • 4008 323201

      Hunan Yintech Co.,Ltd Site view


      our new company ,Hunan Yintech Co.,Ltd has 5 floors new factory workshop in the video, we have assembling workshop, production office,debugging room, testing room, loading area, over 10,000sqm. we are planning to recruit over 100 engineers and technicians ,we can produce 30 ctp and ctcp machines each time. and the plate factory is starting building beside the ctp and ctcp machine factory which could be capable of producing 40 million sqm per year. welcome to visit us and order products from us. 


      Tel:4008 323201


      Address:1st Floor, Building C, Huachuangda Technology Park, Hangcheng Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China

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      QQOnLine 4008 323201