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      • 4008 323201


      CTS ( Computer-To-Screen System)


      TEL : 4008 323201

      CTS Computer-To-Screen System

      Low Cost, High Productivity

      Get rid of cost and process of film making;Highly improve efficiency of screen making;Reach highest 25 pieces per hour.

      Good Operability、Low Maintenance Cost

      Adopt high power LD 405nm lasers,combining square pixels imaging system, highest resolution can be 25400 DPI, photosensitive material has wide applicable range.

      High Precision、Wide Adaptability

      Easy to handle with friendly interface,modular design brings stable function and simple maintenance,adapting to harsh environment.


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      Model NO. CTS-1200U/CTS-1200H
      Max. Screen Frame 1200×1100mm
      Min. Screen Frame 200×200mm
      Thickness of Screen Frame 20~40mm
      Max. Image Size 1100×1000mm
      Min. Line Width/Space  75/75 microns 50/50microns 
      Resolution 12700DPI/25400DPI
      Margin Roughness ±10%
      Exposure Mode DMD+LD 
      Focus Mode Real-Time Auto Focus
      Laser Power 15W
      Wavelength 405nm
      Scanning Speed 210s/300s
      Repeatability <±2um
      Loading Mode Manual
      Dimension 2150×2180×1600mm
      Weight 3000KG
      Environment Power: 380V±5%,50/60HZ,4KW
      Environment Temperature: 22±4 ºC
      Environment Humidity: 50º±10%
      Environment Purity: 10,000 Level


      Tel:4008 323201


      Address:1st Floor, Building C, Huachuangda Technology Park, Hangcheng Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China

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